How to Fix ‘An Error Has Occurred in the Script On This Page’

Several factors can cause the “Repairing disk errors” loop, such as a game crash or upgrading your old version to Windows 10, etc. Every time a computer is turned on, as part of the boot process the BIOS tries to find a bootable drive to continue the loading process by starting its first sector. However, […]

How to Install Ricoh Printer Drivers for Windows 10 and Mac

Similarly, better if you use the driver software manager to install the RICOH printer driver. It is available to this download, you can get it from the Device Software Manager Download page. Confirm the printer driver is correctly installed by checking the key is lit, and then performing a test print. To perform a test […]

How do I take a screen shot windows : techsupport

When the caulk is applied, it must be smoothed properly immediately following the application to have a clean and finished look. An exterior caulk with a 50-year lifespan should be used. When installing the trim, smaller finishing nails should be used to nail the trim to the wall. These nails will then need to be […]

How to record your screen in Windows 11 10

I was using it with my wireless earphones when it suddenly disappeared. This is the first time this kind of thing has happened for more than a year of use. Windows includes several troubleshooters designed to quickly diagnose and automatically resolve various computer problems. Go to Settings, type “troubleshoot”, and select “Troubleshoot” from the list […]

8 Ways to Take a Screenshot on Windows 10 and Windows 11

The screen will dim and bring up the Sniping Tool menu at the top. Select between Rectangular Snip, Freeform Snip, Window Snip, and Fullscreen Snip as per your preference. If you’d like to change the name of the file, type a new name into the “File name” field at the bottom of the dialog window. […]

How to Update Your Graphics Card Drivers

In the end, follow the on-screen instructions because instructions could differ from user to user. Once done, reboot the system, and open the Camera application to check if it’s working fine again. Once the camera is disabled, you’ll be sent back to the previous page, where you’ll see an Enable option next to the disabled […]

How To Fix Zoom Microphone Issues

We are a bunch of people who love writing about tech and provide easy to read articles with information about tech companies, founders and more. There is a possibility that your phone might be the culprit in this case, not the SIM card. So, before you change the SIM card, you need to make sure […]

How do I use “VST” instruments that come in mse files Forums

DLL-Files Fixer is a really good tool for fixing these problems thanks to the huge DLL list they have and the ability to request more missing DLLs. The only downside here is that these problems are pretty rare so it may not be worth going beyond the trial version. Run compatibility mode or copy the […]

Install Nvidia Drivers on Ubuntu 20 04 3 Methods

Right-click on it and select the first option to update the driver. In the end, chose the option “Search automatically for updated driver software“ on the next screen. In my BIOS settings, the Intel-GPU is disabled, in favor of using the NVIDIA-GPU, but the Intel one still shows up in the Device Manager. However once […]